Available Labradoodle Puppies

Christmas Chocolate Labradoodle Puppies


Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy


We are happy to announce a litter of standard chocolate f1b Labradoodle Puppies available to go to their forever homes the week of Christmas.

The entire litter was spoken for (with deposits) shortly after the announcement was made. We are sorry for those of you who did not place your deposit in time. We immediately refund any deposits that were made after the litter was already spoken for. 




The pictures on this page are of the previous Labradoodle puppies from this guardian home. The previous chocolate puppies found homes immediately and have been excelling as service dogs, therapy pets, and great family companions.




Like the previous litter, the puppies in this current litter are a dark chocolate color–what many perceive to be the ideal Labradoodle color.


chocolate labradoodle

For the past few months we’ve been deluged with requests for Christmas puppies, and we are now announcing this litter that will be 8 weeks old the week of Christmas. We anticipate that these puppies will be 50-60 pounds full grown.


chocolate labradoodle puppy


We expect that shortly after announcing this litter, the entire litter will be spoken for.



We will try to update the list of available puppies as deposits are made, but sometimes we fall behind when multiple requests come in after the announcement is made.




These puppies will be $1800 for a male and $1900 for a female.

A $300 deposit will reserve a puppy for you.


Chocolate Labradoodle puppy


You can mail us the deposit or send it to ncrocket@bju.edu via Paypal.




For more information, contact us at ncrocket@bju.edu


Read elsewhere on our webpage to find out about all the “extras” that come with each puppy.


Labradoodle family dog

Those crossed through have had deposits made (the initials of the person who made the deposit are in parenthesis)


Chocolate Female: Spoken for (H.C.R.)

Chocolate Female: Spoken for (C.A.B.)

Chocolate Female: Spoken for (A.D.)


Chocolate Male: Spoken for (B.R.F.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (S.L.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (J.A.D.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (A.H.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (T.B.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (D.B.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (P. C.)

Chocolate Male: Spoken for (C. P.)


Chocolate Labradoodle Puppy