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Why Red Labradoodles?

Red Labradoodles are quickly growing in popularity. Although we continue to specialize in chocolate Labradoodles (chocolate Labradoodles continue to be the most desirable Labradoodles) we have placed a beautiful red Labradoodle in a guardian home for our program. If you’re not familiar with red Labradoodles or Labradoodles in general, a Labradoodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Labrador Retriever.


What Size are Red Labradoodles?

Red Labradoodles come in several sizes: petite/micro red Labradoodles (10-25 lbs full grown), mini red Labradoodles (25-40 lbs full grown), medium red Labradoodles (40-55 lbs full grown), and standard red Labradoodles (more than 55 lbs full grown).




How Can a Labradoodle be Red?

Obviously red is not a normal color for a Labrador Retriever, so how could you get a red Labradoodle? When people think of Labrador Retrievers, they immediately think of the colors yellow (or cream), black, and the popular chocolate Labs. So where do red Labradoodles come from? The question of red Labradoodle’s origins has a fairly obvious answer. The red color of red Labradoodles comes from the poodle side. Poodles have been bred to come in a multiplicity of colors, including red.


Several standard poodle breeders have developed gorgeous dark red poodles. By breeding a dark red poodle to a white Labrador Retriever, it’s possible to come up with a beautiful red Labradoodle. When that first generation (F1) red Labradoodle is bred back to a red poodle, you  get a gorgeous f1b (first generation backcrossed) red Labradoodle.


Interested in a red Labradoodle puppy?

Please email me at to be sent a link to an online application for a red Labradoodle.



In the Labradoodle picture above, you can see that red Labradoodle puppies (or any color Labradoodle puppy for that matter) really enjoy playing on our thick zoysia grass. The red Labradoodles are so playful and fun loving they can run, jump, and roll in the grass to their heart’s content, when they get their outside play time.


Because we do family raised Labradoodles (also called home raised Labradoodles), we believe in the pups being in our house with their mom–or in the house of the guardian home. However, when we start the crate training/house training process with our red Labrdoodle puppies at 5-6 weeks of age, we love for the cute little pups to have a some time outside developing social skills and learning about all the wonderful things that God created.


We know that it is important to spoil our red Labradoodle puppies from an early age, by giving them lots of socialization and attention. We love to expose our red Labradoodle puppies to many sights, sounds, and smells. It’s important for them to be familiar with lots of different experiences. Slowing introducing the red Labradoodle pups to a variety of experiences is so important for their adjustment and socialization process. The first eight weeks of a red Labradoodle puppy’s life are the most crucial.


Our Red Labradoodle Breeding Plan

To be the best Red Labradoodle breeders, we are planning to breed our gorgeous red poodle (from to our beautiful red Labradoodle for outstanding f1b red Labradoodles.

Although we do not expect our red Labradoodle puppies to ever be as popular as our chocolate Labradoodles, we have chosen to deliberately breed for the color red. We are almost ready to start accepting applications for a yearly litter of beautiful f1b red Labradoodles.

We realize that red is probably the most popular color for our Goldendoodles. We think that as some of our red Labradoodle puppies go to wonderful forever homes, more people will discover the beauty of a red Labradoodle; they actually look a lot like their cousins, the red Goldendoodle.

If you are interested in filling out a Labradoodle application to be considered for our next litter of South Carolina or North Carolina Red Labradoodles, please email



What are Red Labradoodle Puppies Like?

Our F1b Red Labradoodle puppies are adventurous and cuddly at the same time. They love to take on new things, and they are naturally very friendly to strangers, but also very loyal to their pack. Red Labradoodles know who their people are. Red Labradoodles enjoy (and need) exercise. Red Labradoodles are very intelligent and easy to train. They often get the incredible brains from the Poodle side. There’s a reason why so many circus trick dogs are Poodles. Poodles are incredibly talented and smart. Our F1b red Labradoodles sometimes seem almost human in their ability to learn behaviors.


More red Labradoodle puppy photos coming soon!


To find out more about the process for getting a red Labradoodle puppy, please email


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